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3 Phase 12 Stage APFC Panels
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APFC Panel Supplier

Aaradhya Electronics is a leading APFC Panel Supplier & Manufacturer in India. We design, manufacture, supply, and export customized models in affordable ranges. Our wide range of products gives flexible solutions for several industries.

We manufacture customized capacities of APFC panels based on the capacities of the machinery and appliances of the industries. Our products are reliable and efficient. Currently, we have products in this category are listed below:

* 3 Phase 4 Stage APFC Panels
* 3 Phase 8 Stage APFC Panels

Benefits of APFC Panels

1. User Friendly Interface
2. It provides consistent power factor correction under fluctuating energy loads
3. It is durable and corrosion resistant.
4. The APFC panel constantly monitors the load and acts on the basis of the microprocessor relay.

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As Aaradhya Electronics is a top Supplier of Automatic Power Factor Controller(APFC) , they have served a lot of clients from different Industries with suitable APFC Panels. We understand the industrial needs, for which our service execution is fast and commendable.
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