Cloud Base APFC ( 3 phase , 12 stages )

Operating Input Voltage : 230VAC , Mains Frequency : 50 ~ 60Hz , Power Consumption : < 7W , Installation Type : Panel Door Mounting , Ambient Temperature : -10 to 65 °C , Data Logging : In Excel format download through website , Class Of Accuracy : Class 1.0 , Output : Relay of 5 Amps ( From 1 stage to 12 stage) , Protection : Overload, Under load, Neutral Fault , Warning : Batter Low , out of bank, SMS alert on Low PF , Phase : 3 Phase.

Available in - 144 mm x 144 mm x 100 mm
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₹ 9500.00

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Supplier of Web Based Power Factor Controller

Power factor is defined as the ratio between the actual power used and the apparent power drawn by the electric load. Any motor running on alternating current requires exposed power, but the apparent power is a combination of active power and reactive power.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing saves business time / money by increasing productivity, improving collaboration & promoting innovation. Here are five additional benefits to considering small & medium size businesses from Cloud Computing Solutions:

  • Highly accessible data
  • Maintains consistency among users
  • Allows for remote events
  • Easy data backup
  • Efficient cost
  • PFC is not only used for computer power supply. In other industries, PFC equipment is used to reduce the reactive power produced by equipment using fluorescent and high bay lighting, arc furnaces, induction welders and electrical motors.

    Power factor is the relationship between 'real power' and 'open power'. The apparent power is your total use, which is made up of the actual power (the part that works) and the reactive power (which is required to operate through the AC system). Reactive power contributes to your electricity bill but is not actually used.

    Advantages of Power Factor

    There are more benefits to power factor correction.

    They are:

    • Large amounts of copper loss of the transmission system are minimized.
    • Voltage regulation is easy and reactive control is also possible
    • Reducing power consumption increases efficiency.
    • There will be less greenhouse gases due to lower electricity consumption
    • Reducing electricity bills
    • Additional KVA available from the same existing supply
    • The supplier of web based power factor controllers is one of the most important components of a power factor correction device. As such, it plays an important role in the control and monitoring of power factors & system power quality.

      Top Supplier of Online Cloud Based Web Based Power Factor Controller

      Power Factor Correction is also known as Power Factor Controller, is a feature included in some computers & other Supplier of Online Cloud based Web Based Power Factor Controller that reduces the amount of reactive power generated by a computer. The reactive force moves at right angles to the true force and gives energy to the magnetic field. There is no real value of reactive power for electronic equipment, but electric companies charge for both real and reactive power & resulting in unnecessary charges.

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