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Cloud Based Street Light Controller
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Online Street Light Controller ( CCMS )
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CCMS Controller Supplier and CCMS Dimming Panel.

The largely diverse, mutually independent and seemingly incompatible electronic system in modern and industrial facilities becomes a problem that requires the implementation of a Central Control and Monitoring System (CCMS).

Today's business facilities have become a complex network of various needs, from precise control of temperature and humidity for the convenience of workers, to control critical elements such as lighting, fuel tanks and batteries, to provide safe official access control, time and attendance. Alarm monitoring and fire and smoke detection. Aaradhya Electronics is one of the leading CCMS Controller Supplier and CCMS Dimming panel in India.

Applications and Functions

  • Real Time Display
  • Alarm Status
  • Management Information, maintenance
  • Simple and economic integration of CCMS
  • Remote programming of DDC controller
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