Central Controlling and Monitoring System Panel ( 1 phase )

Operational Features: 1. The CCMS unit has capable of switching ON and OFF the lights of a particular switching point and/or networked switching point from Central Control Station instantaneously or automatically throughout the year on basis of Sunrise and sunset time depending on the geographical location of the switching point. 2. The CCMS unit have GPRS and/or GSM (with IMEI number) proven technology based remote streetlight monitoring system with capacity for self-protection from short-circuit, over voltage and anti- theft alert. 3. The CCMS unit have a battery backup of at least 12 hours. 4. The CCMS shall have optically isolated communication port to fetch data (this is required for safe data transfer and to protect unauthorized access). 5. The rating of the CCMS units have at least twice that of the lighting load..

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CCMS Panel Manufacturer & Supplier

Central Controlling and Monitoring System Panel ( 1 phase )

CCMS Panel is known as a centrally controlled and monitored system. Which is used to control and maintain the LED lights in the city. More than 17% energy is used in lighting.

The basic advantage of the CCMS panel system is that we can control or monitor the entire city lights in one place, where our monitoring system is kept. The right data is available on our computers and mobile screens, whether it's Wi-Fi or satellite.

CCMS Smart feeder panel supplier

Aaradhya Electronics is one of the leading CCMS Panel Manufacturer and CCMS Panel supplier in india. With continuous upgrades in lighting technology and control systems, Aaradhya Electronics has developed LED lamps with CCMS. (Centrally Controlled Monitoring System). This enables the entire city to control and monitor the LED illumination system from a centralized location.

Gathering Control and Monitoring System is a GSM/GPRS/2G/3G/4G/Equivalent demonstrated innovation introduced in a feeder or exchanging point for distant checking and controlling gathering of lights. It is a bunch of astute focal checking frameworks. Gathering Controller is an Automatic light control over time on premise of exact dawn and nightfall time contingent upon the topographical area.

CCMS panel or CCMS Smart feeder panel performs revealing of energy metering and disappointment data to focal control stations at variable time spans. It accomplishes moment shortcoming revealing through SMS alongside issue data and subtleties of area. The Gathering Controller has an inherent cosmic element with a high accuracy constant clock. It has Self-security from cut off, voltage, overload, flood insurance and anti theft alert. It has IP 65 secured nook.

Basic features of CCMS Panel :

  • Easy to install due to wireless connectivity.
  • Lights can be controlled as ON/OFF from any central office via computer and mobile.
  • Easy data monitoring and data analysis.
  • The advanced dimming solution, so can save more energy.
  • Some parameters like current & voltage limitation can be analyzed on the existing system.
  • Proper illumination gives better uniformity on the roads, leading to increased safety levels on the road.
  • Reduces the wastage of electricity.
  • Ease of installation due to the wireless system.
  • Data compilation, analysis, and reporting are easy.
  • The control panel at each of switch point/feeder have following features:

    • MCB, Contactor, transformer, controller, relays etc.
    • The CCMS unit Should be able to capture (record) and provide following.
    • parameters at variable time-intervals (Individual switching point wise and/or networked switching points).
    • Voltages.
    • Current.
    • Power Factor.
    • Active Power (kW).
    • Apparent Power (kVA).
    • Metering kWh cumulative.
    • Metering kVAh cumulative.
    • Number of hours of a group of LED luminaires connected with each switch controller was glowing.
    • Number of hours the power supply was unavailable.
    • Special emergency on/off facility with wireless control.
    • Benchmarking capacity so as to generate alert SMS for.
    • Phase-wise currents on crossing threshold values*.
    • Phase-wise voltages on crossing threshold values*.
    • MCB trips.
    • Theft alerts.
    • Current.
    • Group failure of lights.
    • No output supply.
    • Alert SMS shall be forwarded to five (5) phone numbers.
    • Central Control and Monitoring System have functionalities like as:

      • CCMS unit have a web-server to receive and record all data with time stamping from the streetlight controllers.
      • It has able to communicate with any individual switching points or collectively amongst networked switching points for control and monitoring.
      • It has able to record LED luminaires glowing and non-glowing hours of a particular switching point.
      • It have register all fault conditions like excess voltage/current drawn no-power supply, etc. through the instantaneous alert messages sent by the CCMS unit.
      • Reports such as energy saving report, lamp failure report, actual hours of operation, uptime (%), etc. should be generated on a daily basis from the data/readings received from the CCMS units.
      • Different user authorization levels have settable and the central server should be capable of handling heavy traffic, i.e. the number of LED street lights installed in wards under this program.
      • GIS Mapping has been done covering all switching points and the details of each switch point shall be viewable in the web application software through a Google-map interface or web based digital map.
      • All the CCMS units have remotely configured from the Central Control Unit of.
      • Setting new ON/OFF timings.
      • Setting the Response Time Count (RTC) time of Automation unit.
      • Knowing the current status of any particular switching point.
      • Reset the unit.
      • The minimum interval for the update of data should be 15 minute but programmable up to 1 minute.
      • Auto synchronization of controller with server timing to be further synchronized with standard GPS clock timing.
      • The system monitors all the following from the CCMS unit.
      • Voltages each phase.
      • Current each phase.
      • PF each phase.
      • Metering kWh cumulative.
      • Metering kVAh.
      • Further system is able to indicate various faults.
      • Failure of contactor.
      • Status of the incoming supply (power failure).
      • High /low voltage.
      • Overload on the phases.
      • The central CCMS unit is capable of handling minimum 2500 number switching point units.
      • CCMS have server preferably dedicated server set-up or cloud based arrangement to ensure 100% guarantee of the data transmission and real time data storage for last 2 years (24 Months) and archived data for the contract period.
      • Data authenticity and validation have ensured. Reports to be submitted in a common CVS format.
      • Cyber security, safe database management, data retrieval and trouble free operation of software and allied systems (24*7) to be ensured.
      • Aaradhya Electronics leading top quality and without fault CCMS smart feeder panel supplier in India.