RTC Base Street Light Controller ( 5 Amp )

Operating Input Voltage : 110 VAC to 230VAC Mains Frequency : 50 ~ 60Hz Power Consumption : < 5W Installation Type : Din Reel Mounting Ambient Temperature : -10 to 65 °C Output : Relay of 5 Amps ( 1 phase 1 relay and 3 phase 3 relay) Protection : Over Voltage, Under Voltage Phase : 1 phase or 3 Phase Panel Capacity : 5KV ON/OFF schedule through keyboard (offline) RTC based timer .

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Astronomical Street Light Timer Supplier

The astronomical timer for street lighting ensures automatic calculation of sunrise and sunset time based on the entered index and current time, allowing you to control the light without the use of external sensors.

A convenient way to manage your landscape lighting is with an astronomical street light timer. Using a celestial timer to activate or deactivate your external lighting system is a relatively inexpensive solution. Astronomical timers work by programming sunrise and sunset time timers. The astronomical timer does not have a light sensor. Therefore, it allows better adjustment of start and end times with a wide range of different preset actions.

We are one of the leading Astronomical Street Light Timer supplier and manufacturer in India. The offered street light timer controller is largely used for automating the street lighting system. Our astronomical street light timer is a high precision system which operates twilight timings.

Features of Astronomical Timer for Street Lights:

  • Digital time relays with astronomical programs
  • Sealable front panel cover
  • Setting by four push-buttons
  • Automatic change in summer / winter time
  • Liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Working hours for day-breaks
  • Single-channel
  • Installed a dual module on a 35mm DIN-rail

  • It is also a lightweight and innovative supplier of astronomical street light timers. It includes a smart time scheduler that works with LED drivers and meets the energy-saving needs of users. In addition to offering traditional astronomical-based ON / OFF action, the device can be used to dim LED luminaires. Slowing action is achieved by running the signal in a planned manner 24 hours a day.


    • Turn the streetlight on and off at a predetermined time.
    • ASTRONOMICALLY can control on and off time.
    • Convenience of switching streetlights, turning off the light when the ambient light level falls below 40 lux and when the ambient light level goes above 80 lux. Light detectors are used to resist light levels, moonlight and streetlights.
    • Streetlight load on / off facility, manually bypassing the programmed circuit.
    • Late-night switching of the load is provided to ensure power savings.
    • Overvoltage / Undervoltage Protection.
    • Overload and short circuit protection.

    • The built-in power source (lithium-type battery) ensures real-time clock and the state of operation of the device in case of loss of power supply from the network.

      Astronomical timers use a preset database that includes sunrise and sunset times that will guide you on when to turn your architectural lighting system on and off. All you need to do is give your astronomical timer some information, such as your location, date and time, and what time of night your landscape lighting will shine. Astronomical timers are as simple as they seem.