Cloud Based Street Light Controller

Operating Input Voltage : 230VAC , Mains Frequency : 50 ~ 60Hz , Power Consumption : < 20W , Installation Type : Panel Door Mounting , Ambient Temperature : -10 to 65 °C , Data Logging : Excel format Online through website , Class Of Accuracy : Class 1.0 , Output : Relay of 5 Amps ( 1 phase 1 relay and 3 phase 3 relay) , Protection : Overload, Under load , Alerts : MCB trip, Panel door open , group failure , power failure on website and SMS , Phase : 1 phase or 3 Phase , ON/OFF schedule through website(online) and keyboard (offline) GPS Longitude and Latitude On air Data Interval Time configuration Electrical parameter monitoring like V,A,KWh, Kar, KVAh etc. Cumulative ON/OFF glowing hour monitoring.

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Online Cloud Base Street light controller

The cloud based system includes reading and updating data in the cloud using the Internet for an efficient street light monitoring system.Our proposed system has smart street lights with external light sensors that automatically turn on at the desired intensity based on the amount of lighting required.

This system allows the controller / monitoring person to check the approximate power consumption according to the current intensity of light as well as estimate the monthly power consumption. Cloud Base Street light controller help to upgrade regular street lights to smart street lights.

CCMS Features:

  • GPRS (with IMEI number) works on a remote streetlight monitoring system based on proven technology.
  • CCMS units can be configured remotely from the central control unit to set the following parameters.
  • Setting on / off / slow time remotely from the online cloud server.
  • Remote setting of RTC (Real-Time Clock) and synchronization with server.

  • The Central Controller and Monitoring Center (CCMC) will have a web server to receive all data from Streetlight Controller & voltage controller. It will be able to communicate and control with any controller individually or collectively.

    Technical Features:

    • The profile will be stored locally
    • RTC
    • Field programmable (zone setting, auto / manual setting, etc.)
    • Metering feature (V, I, KW, KWH)
    • Network independent
    • Should be easily mountable with existing fixtures
    • Lamp luminance control according to the situation
    • Must be integrated with AC / DC dimmable ballasts
    • Control relay (5A)
    • Turn one / more ballasts on / off in multi ballast fixtures
    • Cloud Based Street Lights

      Multi-functional and online cloud based street light controller with central management system (CMS) software. Managing a large outdoor lighting network is a perfect solution to control and maintain street lighting infrastructure while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. Street lighting CMS is just the first step in the process of developing a more sophisticated smart city platform.

      Street lighting is an important feature that is provided in any smart city. Unnecessary use of cloud based street lights directly affects the economic standards of developing countries. The biggest problem with streetlights is the use of electricity. Reducing the use of this energy is not easy. With the help of various computer systems, the use of this power can be reduced.